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Nature has an enchanting palette of colors which captures the eye in a seductive play of intense emotions and imparts on stone an indelible array of multi-colored shades, making unique creations of rare beauty.

The staff at CMT Vatteroni have embraced the essence of the unique qualities and aesthetic value of stone and specialize in researching and selecting the highest quality natural stone, working to create a perfect synergy with the architecture studios overseeing projects.

An incredible variety of forms and colors allow architectural designers to deliver personalized and innovative solutions, for use in both classic and modern settings: Marble, Onyx, Granite, Travertine and other stone, from the delicate shades of white and grey Apuan stone, to other, more brightly-colored, national and international varieties.

Chairman & Sales Manager Paolo Vatteroni     
Sales Manager Giovanni Vatteroni
Administrative Manager & Secretariat Paola Fortini