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CMT Marmo Bianco di Carrara

C.M.T. S.r.l.
Via Carriona, 205 - 54033 Carrara (MS) Italy
Tel. +39 0585 842497- Fax. +39 0585 840881
P. IVA 00229080452

Rua José Alexandre Buaiz, nº 190/ sala 612
Enseada do Suá
Vitória – ES – Cep: 29055-221
CNPJ: 05.794.901/0001-16
TEL  +55 27 3324 7679  - FAX +55 27 3325 347

CMT s.r.l. azienda estrazione e lavorazione marmo e pietre, commercio del marmo portoro in blocchi e lastre.

La CMT è una società specializzata in Carrara, che opera da anni nel settore lapideo.
Attualmente è una società leader nella fornitura di marmo portoro grazie alla cava di famiglia  e stiamo lavorando da oltre 30 anni nella selezione e trasformazione del materiale in ogni forma possibile, dal blocco al prodotto finito.
Inoltre ci siamo ampiamente specializzati nella fornitura di marmi di tutti i colori, graniti e onici provenienti da tutto il mondo.
La nostra azienda è riconosciuta a livello internazionale, sia per la nostra professionalità che per la selezione dei materiali e dei prodotti finiti.
Ad oggi abbiamo:
-- Un ufficio ed un magazzino a Carrara con laboratorio per la produzione di piastrelle di marmo.
-- Un ufficio commerciale in Brasile, dove siamo specializzati nel commercio e la lavorazione dei graniti locali.
Abbiamo diversi tipi di materiali, il rendering per noi è un importante punto di riferimento per gli architetti, gli specialisti del settore e dei clienti che desiderano nuovi ed inusuali materiali.
Lavoriamo conto terzi realizzando lavori su misura, camini, capitelli e rivestimenti, arredamenti per palazzi, edifici, grattacieli.

C.M.T. si pregia di una produzione esclusiva dalla famosa cava di marmo PORTORO (nero e oro).
Acquistiamo e immagazziniamo blocchi selezionati direttamente dalla cava, inoltre produciamo la maggior parte dei materiali che commercializziamo noi stessi.
Più di un centinaio di anni di esperienza nel settore del marmo vi assicurano che i vostri ordini verranno trattati professionalmente - sia che si tratti di sottili piastrelle, lastre, di tagliato a misura, o di una combinazione di tutti i nostri prodotti.

Manufacturing – Lavorazione a Mano
C.M.T. può adattarsi alle vostre esigenze ed offre una vasta gamma di produzione e di servizi.
Lastre lucidate;
Sottili piastrelle di marmo e granito fino a 24"X24"
Progetti su misura dalle vostre liste di negozi o dalla nostra.

Lavoriamo conto terzi realizzando lavori su misura, camini, capitelli e rivestimenti, arredamenti per palazzi, edifici, grattacieli, case, ville, arredamento da interno e da esterno.

Granito, Marmo, Travertino, Onice, Portoro.


The CMT is a specialized company in Carrara that operates from years in the stone industry field.
Currently it is a company leader in the supply of Portoro marble thanks to the family’s quarry we are working from 30 years selecting and transforming the material in every possible shape, from the block to the finished product.
moreover we are widely specializes in the supply of all marbles colors, granites and onyxes coming from all the world.
Our company is recognized to international level both for our professionality in the selection of the materials and the finished products.
To the present we have:
- an office and warehouse in Carrara with laboratory for the production of marble tiles.
 - a commercial office in Brasil, where we are specialized in the commerce and the working of the local granites.
We have different types of materials, rendering us  an important point of reference for architects, specialists in the field and customers who wish new and unusual materials.
We work account thirds party realizing jobs cut to size, fireplaces, capitals and furnishings for building.

C.M.T. enjoys an exclusive production from the famous PORTORO (black and gold) quarry.
We purchase and stock selected blocks directly from the quarry, while producing the major portion of the materials we market ourselves.
Over a hundred years of experience in the marble industry assure you that your orders will be handled professionally - whether it be thin tiles, slabs, cut to size, or a combination of any our products.

C.M.T. can package your needs and offers a wide range of manufacturing and services.
Polished slabs
Thin marble and granite tiles up to 24 "X24"
Cut to size projects from your shop list or ours.

We work account thirds party realizing jobs cut to size, fireplaces, capitals and furnishings for building.

Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Portoro.

CMT white marble from Carrara, Granite, Stone

CMT is based in Carrara and has been working in the stone industry for over 30 years selling its products to the worldwide market. Thanks to the old, family owned quarry, the company is today a leading supplier of the famous, black and gold, Portoro marble, which it extracts and selects to be sold in blocks or finished products (slabs etc). As a result of its many years of experience, the company can boast extensive, expert knowledge in locating, selecting and supplying marble, onyx and granite of varying types and colours from all over the world. Over the years CMT has become a fine-tuned, efficient enterprise working each production phase in complete autonomy, guaranteeing the highest levels of professionalism and quality and receiving widespread worldwide recognition. They have a modern workshop run by a highly qualified team of technical staff which is today a leading point of reference for architects and sector operators looking to realize architectural features (fireplaces, capitals etc) and large scale solutions for civil and residential constructions (flooring, cladding, stairways, columns etc.).

The company’s headquarters are situated in Carrara, the historically renowned “City of Marble”, and are structured to contain various different production units as well as the executive offices.
Production facilities comprise a workshop for stone processing and marble and granite tile fabrication; a warehouse for storing semi-finished and finished products (slabs, tiles, etc) and a yard for handling raw materials (blocks). The structure is fully equipped with all the facilities needed to carry out production: machinery and heavy duty equipment for the extraction and transport of material, block cutting machines and slab sawing machines, numerically controlled stone-working machinery for profile cutting and shaping, derrick cranes and hoisting and handling machinery for moving material.
CMT also have commercial offices in Brazil from where they provide services for the processing and sale of local granite.

CMT runs a diversified operation covering the entire production cycle from the extraction or purchase of raw material to processing and finishing.
Besides standard production of 60x60cm marble and granite tiles, the workshop carries out custom projects working synergetically with project designers. With the aid of modern numerically controlled machinery high level precision work can be undertaken to achieve and maintain superior levels of quality.  
CMT produces works of craftsmanship by employing the most advanced techniques to make architectural design features of great artistic value. Efficient organization and strong tecnical expertise allow the company to optimize the production process and satisfy diverse customer requirements, guaranteeing maximum professionalism both in small and large scale projects as well as dimension work.

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CMT Vatteroni Мрамор, камни, гранит, оникс, травертина

CMT Vatteroni Сайт компании, итальянский мрамор и гранит производства и торговли, Шахта Порторо, белый каррарский мрамор, оникс, травертин, известняк

CMT базируется в Каррара и работает в каменной индустрии на протяжении более 30 лет продавать свою продукцию по всему миру рынке. Благодаря старым, семья владела карьера, сегодня компания является ведущим поставщиком известных, черного и золота, Шахта Портороа, которые он извлекает и отбирает должно быть продано в блоки или готовые изделия (плиты и т.д.).
В результате его многолетний опыт, компания может похвастаться обширные экспертные знания в обнаружении, подбор и поставку мрамор, гранит оникс и различного вида и цвета со всего мира.
За годы CMT стало доработать, эффективное предприятие работает каждого этапа производства в условиях полной автономии, гарантируя высокий уровень профессионализма и качества, получающих широкое распространение и признание во всем мире.
Они имеют современные рабочего ведении команда высококвалифицированных технических специалистов, которые сегодня ведущие точкой отсчета для архитекторов и сектора перспективных для реализации архитектурных особенностей (камины, капиталов и т.д.) и крупномасштабных решений по гражданским и жилых конструкций (пол, облицовки, лестницы, колонны т.д.).

CMT Vatteroni мрамор итальянский белый каррарский, травертин, оникс, гранит, натуральный камень, блоки, плиты, внешние и внутренние отделки камнем, напольные и стенные поверхности из натурального камня,лестницы, умывальники, столешницы, декоративные инкрустированные поверхности, мозаика из мрамора, рамы, коллоны, камины, коллона, мраморный сектор, проекты под ключь, продажа итальянского мрамора по ценам производства, выполнение по чертежам любой каменной продукции, итальянские специалисты, укладка мрамора и гранита, любые работы по граниту и мрамору, монтаж на месте, бесплатная предварительная оценка работ, выезд специалистов на место, поделочные камни, бассейны, вилла, вилла, престижное жилье, реставрация, ремонт каменных изделий, выполнение по индивидуальным чертежам, полы мраморные и гранитные, карьеры мраморные и гранитные, добыча и производство гранитов и мраморов , ониксов и травертина, склад гранита и натурального камня, продажа со склада, собственные карьеры, плитка стандартная из натурального камня.

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